Interview with Chef Hollie Green From JoyFoodly

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Chef Hollie Green, master over atJoyFoodlyasked me to do an interview for her site, which I was only too pleased to do!

Go check the interview out here!



(teaser exerpt!)

“Tamarah has been living with Celiac disease for over 10 years. She strives to find healthy, well balanced, gluten-free recipes for her family of seven.

Tamarah Rockwood is a mom of five beautiful children, and she is busy. Between home schooling and raising a family, Tamarah looks for new and fun ways to engage her kids in the kitchen to explore vegetables. As a fellow blogger of thePlatypus Directive, whom I greatly admire, I’m so delighted to share her story with our community of how she has found new ways through the Joyful 12 to cook vegetables with her kids. Between regular school work and special projects like learning about the French Revolution and how it coincides with Dicken’s “A Tale of Two Cities,” I don’t know how Tarmarah gets it done, but I’m so honored the Joyful 12 can be a helpful tool to such a rockstar mom…”


So awesome 🙂  Thanks Chef Hollie!!


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