16 Jars of Peach Pie Filling On The Wall…


Because I still have 13 lbs of peaches left in the box.

IMG_9009But it’s a good start!  It certainly keeps me busy and productive, and that’s a good thing.

I used Simply Canning’s recipe (link!), and it turned out very well!  It took some time, and I am very pleased with the results.  On a bonus point: look at the gel.  It is very clear, isn’t it?


Very bright in color, good consistency.  That is because I used Clear Jel (got it on Amazon).




This is what it looks like.  It is just cornstarch that has some stuff taken out so it cooks better/easier.  I will definitely attest to its effectiveness!

What else can I do with my time today?


I also sewed a quick apron for little one here.  I actually cut out the fabric for my own Autumn Apron, but she was pretty certain I was actually making hers.  It just took a few minutes to throw hers together…totally worth the time   🙂















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