Chapters 6-9

BKB2DC / Television - Pride and Prejudice

Chapter 6: Progression

What has “progressed” during this chapter?

Why has she come to Wildfell Hall? (as a refuge)

What views of marriage does his mother express, and how are these contrasted with those he holds? (78) Why do you think the author includes this interchange?

On what grounds does Mrs. Markham suggest that Helen would make an unacceptable daughter-in-law?

Chapter 7 The Excursion

What does Gilbert observe during the group excursion? (Helen’s seriousness at painting, dislike of conversation while painting, willingness to accede to his suggestions)

How have his emotions toward Eliza changed?

Chapter 8: The Present
What are some implications of the gift Gilbert gives to Helen? How does she receive it, and how does he react to her reluctance?

Chapter 9: A Snake in the Grass

What is referred to in the title? What scandal is suggested by Eliza?

Do her suspicions seem likely? What emotions do they prompt in Gilbert? (jealousy) What hostile interchange occurs between him and Mrs. Graham’s landlord Lawrence?



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