Blogging With Kids

 Most of the time when I am writing, it looks like this.


Photo on 8-20-14 at 11.55 AM

But I get interrupted often.

Photo on 8-20-14 at 11.54 AM Photo on 8-20-14 at 11.54 AM #2By very cute people who sit on me.

Photo on 2-6-14 at 5.22 PMPhoto on 2-6-14 at 5.22 PM #2

A lot of the time, I can’t even see my laptop.

Photo on 8-14-14 at 9.57 AMPhoto on 6-1-14 at 8.27 AM #2


But I know they won’t lay on me forever.  

One day they will be too old to cuddle with Mom.


Photo on 4-15-14 at 8.10 AM


So, for now, I get to smile with them and hug them while I can,

and blog when my hands are free.


Photo on 5-17-14 at 1.35 PM #2


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