I’m A Unicorn, Baby

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I am pretty sensitive to any level of misogyny, so I clicked on this to see where it fell on the misogyny map.

“Great.  A chart of women.  To what ridiculous place is this headed.”

On one hand, the guy was so astonishingly deadpan, his presentation sounded like he was mapping out where the green bean cans should go on Aisle 16 in the grocery store for optimal green bean profit.

On the other hand, I thought it was pretty funny…okay, I was laughing throughout the whole thing and nearly snorting my coffee while watching this guy describe the “Danger Zone” of redheads and hairdressers.

My husband asked which zone I would be in, and I said: “I’m a Unicorn, baby.”



The thing is, all our girlfriends could be in there.  The very quiet friends who are good to hang out with over a few pints of ice cream, but she’s never (ever) leaving her house.  The totally hot friend you have who is way too cool to be with you, but you guys are epic snark buddies and you couldn’t imagine life without her.  The pal who drinks with you, the buddy who is a reliable texter (like, she actually texts back in a reasonable amount of time, and it’s an actual thought instead of “k”).  The one you actually bring home because she gives your husband a hard time, and it is hilarious.  The shopping buddy, the cry-on-her-shoulder buddy, the clingy way-too-needy-but-your-kids-get-along buddy.

We all have them, and we’re on their charts as well.

BTW, watch it all the way to the end.  There is a chart for men.

I was kind of dying at that point…


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