Listen, It Worked For Cary Grant…



Nickie Ferrante ( Cary Grant ):
“You’ve been crying.”
Terry McKay ( Deborah Kerr ):
“Beauty does that to me.”

BlogHer14 was amazing.

To say it was anything less meant you had way too many Twisted Shotz in the Expo, and don’t remember how cool everyone was.

But I am not waiting until next summer to see ladies in the Bay Area again…however, we are busy peoples, so the reality is that getting together is going to be tough.

Why don’t we plan on a mini-Renegade-Party in a few months?

Terry McKay: “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories… we’ve already missed the spring! “

So let’s do this thing before Winter!  Before holiday season, before Christmas shopping, before they start playing Christmas songs in Target.  Because we know Pearl* will be busy at the sound of the first Christmas bell, and we want her there too 😉

November 15th.

Elephant & Castle Pub

(this can be changed, but it gives us a good starting point for now!)

If you’re interested, post below, or tweet me!    🙂



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