Build A Little Free Library For Your Front Yard


Spencer Collins built his “Little Free Library” — one of 15,000 “take a book, leave a book” structures that have popped up around the world — both as a Mother’s Day gift and as an attempt to engage with his Leawood, Kansas, community through one of his favorite pastimes. It’s a way to “get into reading, get to know your neighbors, and … make friends,” he told Fox 4 News.

Inspiration travels with the wind.

This is Spencer Collins, and this is the Little Free Library he built with his grandfather:



Even though someone complained to the city of a “permanent fixture” on the Collins’ property, and ordered Spencer to remove the Little Free Library from his front yard, the city realized how ridiculous this ordinance was.  As of July 8th, it will be legal to have a Little Free Library on your property…thanks to Spencer!

I think this is fantastic.

Change isn’t easy.  There will always be some push-back with change…but you can’t make change in the world unless you try.

Being inspired by this, I have decided we are going to put a Little Free Library in our yard!

Here are some resources to make your own, as well!

1) Little Free –

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.10.51 AM



2) Pinterest: Little Free Library Ideas




3) My Modern Met:




4) –




5) –



2 thoughts on “Build A Little Free Library For Your Front Yard

  1. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, honestly! But I could go to the library and pick up the $.25 books and fill ours up, easily. I am totally looking forward to building this with the kids!

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