Navy SEAL Motherhood Training


The other day I was reading the transcript of Adm. McRaven’s commencement speech to the graduating class at  University of Texas at Austin, and it was just an incredible journey.

He talked about the people who started the SEAL training, he talked about what they did in training and he talked about the people who had to leave.  What was left was a group of SEALS.

The whole time I was reading this I was thinking: if mothers had training guidelines like this, it would make a world of difference!  We would know what to expect, what our expectations should be, what our days will be like …and most importantly, where the journey will take us and for what purpose.

Now, making “training guidelines” for mothers is kind of ridiculous.  It doesn’t scare me away, but I’m a little more “tough as nails” on the scale of womanhood.  I can only imagine how it would come across for my more tenderhearted peers.

Nevertheless, I believe it would be helpful to have some guidelines for motherhood…and I’m using SEAL training as my base! :

1) Navy SEAL Motherhood Training (yes, I’m going there!)

2) The Big 4 Mental Toughness

3) 15 Things Emotionally Strong Mothers Don’t Do

4) Avoid The Trenches

5) What Is The Point.


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