Father’s Day: Go Big, Or Go Home

Okay, here is my idea:

My husband doesn’t really want much for Father’s Day, but I really want to honor him for the amazing father he is.  So, you gotta think about not entirely what he wants, but more about what you can get away with 😉

I am thinking that if I have a Comic Book themed day, maybe it would work!

Here are my plans, and here are the materials so you can seamlessly pull this off!

1) I want to turn the living room into a comic book instead of giving him a card.


Here is the general layout, from my mad photoshopping skillz.


A little bit of a better layout idea for the wall

Materials Can Be Found At Walgreens, Walmart or Target:

  • Black crepe paper for the boarders
  • Paint for the signs
  • Paint brushes
  • Foam board
  • Comic Book Stock images …I would suggest printing these out at Kinkos if you also don’t own a color printer.  Or just rock out and paint them yourself….

Here are some steps I’ve done already:






























2) Some Netflix Movie Ideas:


List of Netflix’s Comic Book & Superhero Movies


This is the route I took, because “Dune” is epic


3) Good Food


  It’s all gluten free, I’m just being straight with you.  

I didn’t choose the Celiac life.  The Celiac life chose me.


Gluten Free Garden Pasta Salad


Zedi of Champions



Irish Nachos



Shepherd’s Pie



Rosemary and Tomato Lamb Roast


4) And Finally, A Comic Inspired Cake Ideas!

images-9 images-8 images-7 imgres

4) And Maybe A Little Something For Later…


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