Is There An “Introvert Shed” At The Maker Faire?

Because I could run that shed single handedly.

Okay, so I am not a “group” person.  I am even less of a “crowd” person.
Last year I made the hard decision of opting out of going to the Maker Faire.

I LOVE the Maker Faire.









I love the fire,






(photo credit)



I love the vehicles,




(photo credit)




I love the endless innovation and creativity,









and I love the people who go there!








I can’t handle the crowd.





Not crowds….crowd.

It is one, big, gigantic, eclectic, curious, enthusiastic…and very polite, for the record…crowd.

My two oldest understand how to stay by us in crowds.  They are awesome.  But we have 3 little ones who are overjoyed/overwhelmed by the flashing lights, endless building stations, fun interactive toy areas, etc., etc., etc.  And the mere idea of bringing a double stroller into the small alleyways in the buildings is completely laughable.  Do-able, but laughable.  We’d be like a bulldozer mowing people down everywhere we went.

Last year I made the very difficult decision not to go.  I went to the zoo with the younger kids and my dad instead, which was great!  I am a zoo person, so that was much more my speed.  Slower, less crowds, quiet.  You can actually talk to each other while you are learning about animals, rather than staring crazy eyed at people talking to you and saying,

“WHAT??  I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE GIGANTIC TESLA COIL SCREAMING ABOVE OUR HEADS!!!” (here is a video.  it’s pretty awesome)


This year I didn’t go either.  My mind starts melting into a goo of panic just thinking about losing one of the kids there.

So, instead, my husband took the two older kids to fully enjoy the Maker Faire!  And I stay home and work on breathing techniques when I imagine the three of them being squished by mobs of people, and I have to believe…

believe with all my heart because otherwise I am going to throw up because the thought of all those crowds around my babies will drive me bananas and I will get in the car and go find them, only to discover that they are actually having a very fun and safe time because their dad is awesome, obviously, and now I am stuck in the middle of the Faire and I will have to rush like a mad woman out of there, and then there might be a stampede after I freak everyone out thinking there is a fire….

Seriously, the irrational panic of a mother’s mind is incredible.

So I am staying home.



(follow up:  they all got home with a bazillion amazing creations and were still buzzing with ideas, which is exactly why they go.  Plus, Ben got a lock picking kit!  Score!!)


2 thoughts on “Is There An “Introvert Shed” At The Maker Faire?

  1. Gerri

    Whenever I see the word ‘introvert’, I must take a look. My younger years, crowds were fine, now I see no reason, to be in one. I don’t even like going to Costco, with all the baskets, and all the people, irritating. I like your sense of humour! I think we may have a few things in common.

  2. My husband goes to Costco for us 😉 When I was younger I thought I was somewhat of a “people person.” I’m not really sure what I was thinking…now we are in a small town and I’m raising kids and chickens, and I am *delighted*! But I sure love meeting like-minded souls 😉

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