5 Mother’s Day Dates With Your Family

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I am a pretty simple woman: I really just want to spend time with my family.



I have been reading through Mother’s Day idea lists, and while most of them are very sweet and thoughtful, like framed handprints or handmade cards from the kids…there are some that just make me scratch my head.

#22. A handy dustbuster for dealing with the Cheerios problem in the car.

#25 A Big Ol’ Monthly Chalkboard Peel and Stick Wall Calendar.

#51 Replacing the batteries in all the remotes. All of them

#44. A book for the desperate mom who needs to know there is hope for her to breathe again. 

Nothing makes me reflect on the wonders of motherhood like a dustbuster, or a book about how hopeless motherhood is.  Call me crazy, but my husband and children are actually the ones who give me hope and joy in life.

So anyway, what I don’t want is forced events away from my family.  What’s the point of celebrating Mother’s Day without the people who make me a mother?

Here are some fun ideas to spend some memorable time with your family!

1. Backyard Picnic


Give me some bubbles, fun music, mimosas and a blanket in the backyard, and I’m good!

Make some raspberry suntea, have a bucket of strawberries and a pot of melted chocolate, maybe a huge plate of croissant sandwiches and a freezer full of orange creamsicles and you have an epic Mother’s Day picnic!


2. Cafe’ Date



I have done this a few times already, and it is always a hit.  Take everyone out for coffee or tea!  The best way is to walk to the cafe if it’s close enough.  I used to love sitting in cafe`s with my friends when I was younger, and now I love sitting in cafe`s with my family  🙂


3. Movie Night!



Now, you can do this one of two ways:

1. You can go out to the movies!  Enjoy a night in the theater watching a new movie together!


2. Enjoy a movie at home!  The upside to this method is threefold:

a. Pajama night.  Enough said.

b. You can choose any movie you want! “Princess Bride,” “Mulan,” “Frozen”?    No, I haven’t gotten sick of any of these yet  😉      All on the menu.

c. Caramel Popcorn Recipe! or have a hot fudge sundae station in the kitchen, or a fruit and chocolate fondue pot.  I love this idea more and more….

4. Sunday Brunch



My husband has been taking us out to a Sunday Brunch for years, and I LOVE it.

I go all out and get everyone dressed up, and I wear a floppy sun hat and it is just fun all around.  One year one of my sons came back to the table with an oyster on his plate…which made my husband and I cringe a little.  But he ate it!  And then our oldest daughter came back with two oysters on her plate.  I let them both know that although we all enjoy a healthy amount of competition in our lives…they didn’t have to win this one.

They were both pretty relieved and went back to packing themselves full of fresh pineapple.

I love Sunday brunches with the family.  I love watching other families honor their mothers with Sunday brunch as well!  I think last year there was a family that might have had 50 people in all.  It was impressive, and it was heartwarming to see so many people brought together.

Plus, they keep bringing you mimosas….

5. Do Something Special

Sometimes you need a special day to do something you will really enjoy:


  • I ran a 5K with my daughter one Mother’s Day weekend, and that will always be a special memory!
  • Beach Day
  • Skydiving (for braver moms with better bladder control, maybe)
  • Boat trip
  • The zoo (I am a total sucker for zoos…)
  • The aquarium
  • Family bike ride
  • Themed evening: everything must relate to Star Wars, for example
  • huge backyard bbq
  • roller rink
  • nature hike


Be creative!

Make this Mother’s Day memorable for you and your family!



2 thoughts on “5 Mother’s Day Dates With Your Family

  1. Lara

    I loved this! Especially liked the ideas of a backyard picnic and movie night. Thinking of combining them if I can get my boys to pull it off!

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