My Bio

Tamarah Rockwood began her journey as a Platypus at an early age with her commanding presence and shockingly average physique.  She was able to not only find, but also secure and take off the market the most strapping man at the tender age of 15 (and marrying him when they became adults), thereby solidifying her position as the Alpha-Platypus amongst women.

And then she went to college.

Ultimately, she received her BA in American and British Literature.  Originally attending college with aspirations of biological marine sciences with a focus on cephalopod biology, she was inspired by a Creative Writing class in to pursue her talents of poetry.

She also couldn’t pass Chemistry 1 that semester, which fueled her passion for writing.

From there she also explored her artistic mind, and not only had her artwork featured in the Louie-Meager Art Gallery, but she worked as an assistant curator in the gallery.  She then continued to pursue her writing gifts, and began to submit her work for publication; her first professional publication came from the Cal State East Bay annual Creative Writing journal, Occam’s Razor, issue 19, when Rockwood won first place in poetry.  The following year, the Dean of Creative Writing personally requested to use more of her work for issue 20 (which she gladly granted).

After graduation, Rockwood became a substitute teacher for public and private schools, as well as becoming the editor of an in-house publication of a poetry journal, Illume, which lasted 3 seasons.

She has also won a hefty art contest with OpenSolaris with sculptures of Möbius strips, but since Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that the contest ever existed.

However, the money from the contest was invested into her first self-published  book of poetry titled, “Petals of Magnolia,” which was extremely exciting.  Who has poetry books these days?  (I DO)

More recently Rockwood has been lazily putting together a recipe book for fellow Celiacs who hate confusing recipes, because they’re annoying(…

as well as homeschooling her and her manly husband’s 5 children, while pretending to know what she is doing in the garden and sometimes remembering to put the laundry away.


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