The Platypus: The Dueling Nature

The duality of the Platypus is a slow battle of wills, in a constant battle within the soul with one conformist side attempting to fit in with the surroundings (and mostly succeeding) and the opposing non-conformist side, very simply put, not feeling like they fit in.  It is this side that has so long been undefined, which I simply am tired of wrestling with.

female wrestling


With a stunning dash of hubris, just as Adam had the dominion to name the beasts, I have taken dominion over this non-conformist side which has historically been such a thorn in my suburban side and have named the beast: The Platypus.

The Platypus side of me is creative, independent, strong and different…although, it is difficult to exactly pinpoint “why” it is different, considering how different people are in general.

I, though, have the unique experience of being a woman.



Granted, there are a few billion other people in this world who have the same experience, in different ways; but I am particularly intrigued by my story (primarily because I get to live it…call it an existential eccentricity).


My name is Tamarah.  I have been told by my mother that I was about to be named “Sunshine” (thanks 60s-hippy movement!), but she found this name and liked it better.  I have always liked my name, mostly because it sounds euphonic, but also my father said it was a combination of “Tamar” and “Sarah.” 
Right side, Whole face, Left side

In the end, I believe this duplicity has reflected me the best because there has seemed to be an epic battle of personalities within me that just never balanced well; or I have not had the courage to balance them.  The personality of conformity that insists on having an orderly domestic life, raising kids, planting an aspirational garden, having chickens in the backyard, canning seasonal jams and the like.   The nonconformist within me that bucks the system and homeschools her kids, hates premade food so cooks everything from scratch, is angry with the government and has voted in every election, devoted to good causes, hungers for justice, et al.  This side which marginalizes my personality in groups, forcing me to analyze myself, my surroundings, my focus and my purpose.  This side which, frankly, exhausts me with its persistent movement within me.
The Platypus is a damned curious creature which has confounded scientists for ages.  When they were first discovered, the world rejected the concept of this animal due to the obviously conflicting natures it possessed.  A mammal with a duck bill?  Webbed feet, and yet with mammary glands?  Solitary by nature, yet social enough to procreate?  What an odd animal, to say the least.The Platypus woman is likewise such a conflict within Western culture: most likely she enjoys traveling, never comfortable with unprogressive complacency.  Never comfortable with ubiquitous routine.  Enjoys being in a group, for for heaven’s sake…in doses.  Not entirely an introvert, not entirely an extrovert, but definitely an observer of society.This observant quality is what establishes the strength of leadership within the Platypus, more than anything.


And, I think, the primary difference in Platypuses is our strength.  It is our determination to sincerely discover ourselves within a culture of conformity; our courage to overcome tragedy; our spunk, our vigor,our vulnerability, our bravery…

It is our strength in life which makes us a Platypus.  



So, my purpose for The Platypus Directive is to begin the road to Oz, so to speak, to explore the habitats of Platypuses, the unique dietary requirements and idiosyncracies of Platypuses…

But most of all, to discover how Platypuses got to where they are, and to connect us to each other.

Because when you are a Platypus, you know exactly what this means.  And now we have a name through which to understand this undomesticated side of us.




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