It’s Just Tuesday, And It’s Okay!

There are some days where it feels like I have paved the roads to Rome, singlehandedly.

And then there is today where I have done laundry, dishes, school…made spaghetti and found a ladybug.

I’m calling it a day!


I Am Letting My Husband and Children Teach Me How To Relax.

I think my goal in life is to not fall apart…

It is a weird goal, I think.  Some people want to be astronauts.  Some people want to be ballerina dancers.

I want to provide my children with a fantastic home, a great learning environment, enable their pursuits in education and extracurricular activities, make sure we participate in social events, volunteer, provide healthy meals for my home, make sure we have clean clothes and a functional household, encourage my husband in his work while being a loving and fun wife…. I also want to have a garden and write and paint and one day visit Montana.  I could go on for days, it’s a never ending list.

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