I Have A Mom Butt.

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I Have A Mom Butt — And It’s OK

mom butt. bathing suit.mom butt. bathing suit.

The Mom Butt is what my aunts had when I was growing up in LA.  The Mom Butt is not what you will ever see in magazines, or posing on a red carpet, or being praised in Gweneth Paltrow’s no-bake, no-eat cookbook.

The other night my husband and I took our kids to swim at a lake nearby.  This is an awesome lake that no one goes to on weekdays, and especially in the evening: which means we have it all to ourselves!  We love this lake and try to take advantage of it as often as we can during the summer.

Now, after 5 enormous pregnancies and still having a few dozen pounds to lose before I get to pre-pregnancy, college-weight:  I hate bathing suits.  I have a body that was designed for having babies.  I have never had a body that looks like any of the ladies on Pinterest who are stretching in green fields wearing hot pants and sports bras…


I can’t imagine running around my suburban neighborhood wearing this.                                               Does it even come in size “I’ve-had-5-kids”?

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